Our story

The aim of Valmiera vocational technical school is to offer to learn a profession that will be in demand on the labor market and will provide job opportunities after finishing school.

At the same time, obtaining high-quality secondary education is a very important aspect, so that after finishing school, young people will be competitive, also participating in competitions for study places in universities. Good education, a cozy and respectful environment, as well as a good foundation for ambitious goals are important to us!

/vocational school principal Vineta Melngārša/

About us

Valmiera vocational technical school is one of the most modern schools in Latvia with seven laboratories. Young people learn vocational secondary education with us, but their parents and grandparents continue their lifelong education. At the top of our list of values ​​are quality, competence, purposefulness and modernity, which characterizes every pedagogue, student and the technical school family as a whole.


To create VVTS as a resource center for economic, intellectual capital, personal growth and professional education innovations in the region, preparing, attracting and retaining various world-class talents in the Vidzeme region.

Vision 2027

To become recognized in Europe and the strongest professional education innovation resource center in Vidzeme, which, in cooperation with industry, implements professional education for all groups of society.


Competence – a high level of competence both in terms of the quality of education and in the abilities to be imparted to the learners. Knowledgeable, professional, excellence-oriented educators, curious, open-minded and achievement-oriented learners.

Purposefulness – choosing a targeted specialty or thematic field of education, hard work, development of one's skills and effective work for both students, teachers and other employees.

Mūsdienīgums – visaugstākā prioritāte mūsdienīgiem, inovatīviem risinājumiem, metodēm un pieejām visos līmeņos, progresīvās domāšanas attīstīšana, jauniešus uzrunājoša vizuālā identitāte un komunikācija.